Elephant Rumblings: Trevor May announces retirement


While announcing his retierment Monday night following a nine-year career that ended with two seasons in Oakland, the 34-year-old reliever ripped infamous Athletics owner John Fisher.

“To the A’s organization and every single person part of it, I love all of you, every single one of you, except for one guy and we all know who that guy is,” May said during a stream on Twitch.

“Sell the team, dude. … Sell it, man. Let someone who actually takes pride in the things they own, own something. There’s actually people who give a s–t about the game. Let them do it. Take mommy and daddy’s money somewhere else, dork.”

May’s comments will earn him legendary status in the Bay Area. Fisher is one of the most disliked owners in sports and may be public enemy No. 1 in the Bay Area.


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